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Aero Full Face Helmet


The Aero was released in 2014 with popular reviews for it’s extremely field of view, comfort, adjustability, cutaway system, and superior visor locking mechanism. The Aero continues to be a trusted helmet because of these unique features and strong and lightweight Carbon-Fiber construction.


Features making the AERO full face helmet the top of the line of skydiving head gear include:


  • High-end vacuum molded carbon fiber composite shell (not plastic)!
  • 2mm molded polycarbonate lens, also available in tinted gray
  • Scratch resistant and anti-fog lens
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Widest field of vision on the market today
  • Perfect for instructors
  • Compatible with eye glasses
  • Easy to cut away – comes standard with a cutaway


Spring loaded CNC aluminum visor locks provide consistent and easy two handed openings and single hand closers with three screws on each side, and secure the visor in place. Securing the helmet incorporates a cord drawn collar and cut away buckle. The light-weight helmet is great for those who wear glasses and used to have the widest field of view of any skydiving helmet on the market, that is until the Dynamic came along. The visors are anti-fog coated and designed to allow the air flow around the visor inside the helmet, whether belly to earth or head down so that it does not fog up – and without the need for gimmicky holes or “vents”.


Collar adjustments are made by simply pulling slack in the cord and re-knotting. The collar is made from wetsuit neoprene, and can easily be replaced without the need for any messy glue. Velcro and six screw attachment points keep it secure around the shell. The liner follows our standard line in construction, is removable for washing, and has the convenience of audible pockets on both sides The liners are adjustable and each liner pad can be adjusted independent of the others allowing you to get the perfect fit.


Bonehead Composites’ long-lasting, quality helmets are designed and manufactured by us in the USA out of carbon fiber – not the plastic most skydiving helmet manufacturers are currently using. We strive for perfection, so we continue to manufacture helmets using composites over the less-expensive injection molded plastic; carbon fiber for strength and backed by fiberglass for shock absorption.


GoPro cameras can be top mounted using any of our mounts. Order a camera mount with your helmet and we’ll install it for you free of charge! The AERO makes flying with cameras safe due to its ingeniously simple quick release cutaway.

Colored helmets are all shipped with a solid paint scheme.



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